About I

I love shoes.
I love sports.
I love wearing anything plaid.
I admire Michael Jordan.
I am a shyt0wnb0i.
I am a Fighting Illini alum.
I am a hardcore GLEEK, and I love Dianna Agron.
I am die-hard Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers.
I am an aspiring superhero.
I have hair that defies gravity so..
I wear a lot of hats.
I drive an Autobot.
I always have my iPod.
I prefer to text.
I find comfort in hooded sweatshirts.
I have a penchant for musicals.
I will have a diner stack, over-easy, sausage, biscuit, and gravy on the side.
I am Irwin.
I am I.
I am Half Man Half Amazing, Zefron, Irwinus Prime, Irquinn Fabray, Captain Kirk, Wildcat, Ir, Win.
I am a 30 Legend.
I am a So Fine Oh-Nine, and now a Big Ten.
I am well-known for many inadvertent comical remarks.
I can be an astute end (wise ass).
I love using Thesaurus.com.
I love being witty and charming.
I never liked “About Me” sections because..
I don’t like talking about myself.
I don’t always drink beer, but when I do..
I prefer..

Dos Equis.
Stay thirsty, my friends.



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